Christy Mihos

Everyone knows that the Plan of the Democratic party is to knock out Christy Mihos then Have the Liberal media Knock Baker out, Then Deval becomes Governor again.

Christy is the real Conservative. Christy Mihos is the only candidate that is coming up with solutions for our states problems. I am sure after this post there will be the same old Baker Hacks screaming there nonsense. But I think they know deep down that Christy is the right candidate for this race with so much at steak. Shame on the Mass GOP playing into the hands of the DEMS.

Christy on WbZ…


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  • Everyone knows…

    Who is everyone?

  • a social moderate/liberal? Pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, a little soft on gun control? What else?

    Why do you characterize Christy as “the real Conservative?” Seems to me they’re both moderate Republicans – call ’em RINOs if you want, but don’t let Scott Brown hear that.

  • ….so if I say something, am I a Baker Hack?  If i say something is it already deemed “nonsense”?  If i say something, it’s automatically playing into some grand scheme of the Dems?

    ….and I don’t generally do this, but….”state’s”….”their”…..”stake”.

    Ya know why the People will not vote for Christy?  He looks and comes across as skeevy……Republicans aren’t going to put him through the other end of the primary because of his actions in ’06…..don’t care much for the “I’m taking my ball and going home” loser mentality.  Don’t think they’re gonna go with “I’m a Republican….no no I’m an Independent that beats up on the Republican….no no….I’m a Republican…

  • There IS a lot at steak here. Prime rib  or ribeye?

    And from the shady description on his website, he appears to be pro choice, his stance in immigration doesn’t seem to be strong, he says he wants to cut salaries but doesn’t say which, etc.

    Mihos is a rich businessman with an R next to his name. That’s it.

    But I’ve been called a schill for Baker AND a liberal here, so…

  • Example – he favors parental notification laws for minors seeking abortions.  Baker does not.  But he does NOT oppose choice per se.

    Minus similar gradations, while Christy is MORE conservative on social issues (and VASTLY more conservative on Second Amendment issues, agreeing with the US Supreme court rather than the Massachusetts Supreme court on this issue), the primary difference is fiscal and economic.

    Baker supports ‘Five and Five’ – five percent for income and sales tax.  This is safe, as neither is on the ballot.  He opposes the THREE percent sales tax rate, as it’s ‘too much’.  Christy not only supports it but helped finance the petition drive (full dislcosure – I am one of the ten original signatories on the face of the petition).  Christy wants to shrink state government and LOWER taxes, not manage them more effectively but keep spending and the size intact.

    Some of Cahill’s attraction is his social conservative stance.  But ask yourself – is a person’s opinion on matters which, for better or worse, are settled law as important as issues which CAN be acted on?  Look at Cahill’s hiring at the Lottery, his mismanagement of the Powerball application which caused a billion dollar hole in the state budget, etc., and ask if he has ANY record as a fiscal conservative rather than a social one.

    (And before you say gay marriage isn’t settled law because it’s a court decision rather than legislation – absolutely true.  Chrisy is on record during the 2006 race when it was an issue that he SUPPORTED a vote – Baker does not, and Cahill never took any stance).

  • cfblake2

    The poll I posted shows that if we can not rally for the two Rinos Teisi and Baker,  This ticket stands no chance against Deval. The Leadership in the Mass Gop have screwed up again. We need more true conservatives to represent our state republican party, I say get rid of the Weld’s the Swift”s the Mitt”s the Teisi’s the Baker’s the Cellucci’s.