Christy Mihos – I Am In It To Win It

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From an e-mail that went out today:

My name is Christy Mihos, your Republican candidate for Governor of Massachusetts, and contrary to any rumors, I’m in it to win it!

I’m in it to win for you, the people, who have suffered at the hands of the lawmakers that have squandered your taxes while neglecting your needs, your rights and your laws to serve special interest rather than your interest.

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Our current fiscal crisis has more to do with misplaced priorities than a shortage of tax revenues. It is a lack of leadership and the absence of courage to live within our means. It is placing an unfair burden on hardworking men, women and small business to pay for a bloated government payroll and redundant programs.

I’m in it to win it to protect your individual rights and freedoms. The purpose of government is not to create “new rights”, as is the case with Massachusetts healthcare when escalating costs force businesses to close and citizens to leave. The purpose of government is to preserve our natural rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness while allowing a free market with increased competition and choices for all.

I’m in it to win it for small businesses, farmers and fishermen, shop owners and start up firms who are heavily burdened by high taxes, fees and assessments. These folks are the backbone of the Massachusetts economy. It is their entrepreneurial sprit and hard work that drive our economic engine. They risk their money and put their lives on the line every day to follow the American dream. It seems our government has no comprehension of the negative impact high taxes and over regulation has on their bottom line.

I’m in it to win it for our future. It is time we take our economic engine out of neutral and move forward with solutions rather than blame. I am a job builder, not a resume builder. I say its time we get Massachusetts working again. I am proud to say I am the only candidate for Massachusetts governor who proposes we cut our sales tax from 6.25% to 3%. It will generate over 39,000 new jobs and put an annual average of $688.00 back in the pockets of the average taxpayer. It will make our state more competitive and attract more businesses to feed the growing Massachusetts economy while lowering the cost of living.

Question 1 on the November ballot will give the people the ability to vote on their own stimulus package. It’s up to you, not the politicians and power brokers.

I’m in it to win it for our state’s patients and health providers. The so-called Massachusetts healthcare “reforms” of 2006 don’t need to be “tweaked”, they need to be terminated. If elected governor of Massachusetts, I plan on focusing on clear, patient-centered and fiscally responsible solutions. I believe that reforms, such as allowing insurance companies to compete across state lines, letting individuals purchase health savings accounts, tort reform, and investigating the constant double-digit increases in our Massachusetts health insurance premiums over the past ten years by HMOs and other “nonprofit” organizations are essential for empowering patients and saving money.

Finally, unlike my opponents, I am NOT in it to win it for big business, big government, big labor or any other special interests. If you’re looking for a bailout (like Baker) or any other special insider deals (like the ones given by Patrick and Cahill), then I am not your candidate for Massachusetts governor. It’s time that the privileged few stop profiting from the rest of us. But, if you’re for a candidate who’s stood up to big government and big business before, who’s really for lowering taxes, cutting the size of government, returning rights and money to the people, and getting Massachusetts working again for you, then I’m your candidate for governor of Massachusetts 2010.

And, in case you heard otherwise, I’m in it to win it.

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