Charlie Baker Appeals to Liberals and Coakley Voters, according to Boston Globe

According to the Sunday Boston Globe, (Jan 31 2010) CEO Charlie Baker appeals to liberals and Coakley voters due to his promotion of Homosexual Rights (including his pick of radical lefist and cross dressing Republican ‘Lil’ Richie Tisei.)

While many in the crowd expressed hope that Brown’s momentum could help push Baker to victory, the differences between the candidates were also a selling point to some. While Baker and Brown both have an antitax platform, Baker is more socially liberal.

Matt Skinner, a 26-year-old sales manager from Leominster, said he liked Baker’s platform in part because of his more liberal views on issues such as abortion and gay rights. Skinner said that he voted for Coakley in the Senate race, but was excited about Baker.

“I agree with a lot of his platform,” Skinner said. “This is probably the first candidate I’ve gotten behind this early in the race.”

The Boston Globe’s favorable article shines its light upon Baker and Tisei, who stand as a shining beacon to Liberals, Leftists, and Communist Radicals hoping to jump ship from the sinking H.M.S Deval Patrick and slither their way into the growing populist movement in Massachusetts.

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