Brown Derangement Syndrome

Where’s Dr. Krauthammer when you need him?  I think we have a new malady on the left, Brown Derangement Syndrome.  It is in full effect in the left’s response to Scott Brown’s answers to Neil Cavuto yesterday regarding the events in Texas yesterday.

In the video above Scott merely states that he understands that there is anger out there and that he sensed some of that anger during his election.  The left led by TPM and our friends over at Blue Mass Group are making this out to say that Brown is equating his election with this act.  He’s not. In the clip the left is using he is very clear to state that this is a horrendous act.  

Maybe if Brown had used the words of Mike Capuano when he spoke to the Democratic Caucus about what he learned in the special election primary it would have been better. For those that don’t know Representative Capuano told the assembled Democrats, “you’re screwed”.

I think we may need to put together a Brown Derangement Syndrome Meter.

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