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  • sjfern20

    He’s still behind Deval. You have to be ahead to have a surge at least.

    Surging in the GOP Primary yes. Not the General.

    Semantics but that’s a key difference.

    Do you think that 16% undecided will all go to Baker. I Need more polls to determine that.

  • The true loser in the ’10 Massachusetts Governor’s race is real conservatism!

  • The reality of the situation here is that the crosstabs which will really show where voters are going to go have been embargoed till Monday.

    It is premature to say the least that Charlie Baker is going to be the one to beat. I think that we both know that Patrick is not going to get anywhere near 33%…where the hell do you think those voters are going? It is a lot easier for moderate Democrats to make the jump from Patrick to Cahill than it is for them to go to Baker.

    Ill bet you dollars to donuts that self identified independents, where this election is going to be won or lost, is nearly 2:1 for Cahill.

    Believe me when I tell you, as Republicans find out just who Charlie Baker and Richard Tisei are they will jump that ship in a big way. Do you think that they are going to Patrick or to Cahill? What we are looking at is a bunch of disaffected Democrats and a bunch of disaffected Republicans with absolutely no place to go but Tim Cahill.

    With a real FISCAL CONSERVATIVE in this race there is no way Charlie Baker can win this race. It is simply mathematically impossible.  

  • In September, when unenrolled voters pick a Republican ballot: they do not know who the “insider” candidate is. That is why Christy Mihos can win.  

  • What about Charlie and his role in the Big Dig????????


  • I think Deval will drop out !