Anti-War Left: The Sham Movement.


After a wave of news about attempted domestic terror attacks, Democrats facing a tough election year quietly voted this week to extend the Patriot Act legislation that many of them had decried under former President George W. Bush.  The House passed a one-year reauthorization of the Patriot Act Thursday night 315-97, just a day after the Senate moved the bill on a late-evening unanimous voice vote.

The Democratic controlled Senate, Democratic controlled house and Democratic president renewed the "Patriot Act" today.  What do we hear from the anti-war left?  Not a peep, not a whisper, not a word.  Once against the anti-war left has been proven to be a complete sham of a movement.  

  • When George W. Bush was president the Patriot act was the most evil piece of legislation ever written.  Now with Obama, it's a-okay.
  • When George W. Bush was president bad news from Iraq was the lead story in virtually every newscast.  Now with Obama, we don't hear a peep.  
  • When George W. Bush was president virtually every left wing blog had a digital counter telling us how much the war in Iraq had cost.  Now with Obama, I guess it's free.
  • When George W. Bush was president we knew every day how many Americans had died in Iraq.  Now with Obama, I guess that number has become zero.

President Obama was sworn in as president on January 21, 2009 after promising repeatedly to bring home every troop from Iraq in 16 months.  He has 82 days remaining to keep that promise.  When he does not even attempt to do so, that too will go unheralded by the left.  But hey, he has his Nobel Peace Prize to keep him company.

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