Another Republican Runs Against Barney Frank

It’s not exactly breaking news as I believe a CPAC video of him is front paged but joining long-time candidate (and 2008 nominee) Earl Sholley and Keith Messina is Sean Bielat.  I’ve gotten to know Earl pretty well over the past couple of years but I’ve met Sean briefly at State Committee events.  I’ve yet to talk to, much less meet, Mr. Messina.  My Second Bristol & Plymouth district resides entirely within the 4th Congressional district currently represented in DC by Barney Frank.

Brookline resident and military veteran is launching a campaign against US Representative Barney Frank, hoping to capitalize on an anti-incumbent atmosphere and oust one of the most liberal and outspoken members of Congress.

Sean Bielat, a 34-year-old running for his first political office, joins a field of at least three others hoping to unseat the 15-term congressman. Bielat was in Washington yesterday trying to secure commitments from national Republicans who have been inspired by US Senator Scott Brown’s unexpected victory last month.

Bielat is running in the Republican primary against Earl Sholley, who has lost several bids for office, including a 68 percent to 25 percent loss to Frank in 2008, and Keith Messina, a 25-year-old mechanical engineer from Medford.

Brown fared well throughout the state and narrowly beat Democrat Martha Coakley in Frank’s turf, the Fourth Congressional District, which stretches from Newton to Fall River.…

Best of luck in the primary to all three gentlemen!

I should note that Rachel Brown, the Lyndon LaRouche supporter who helped to disrupt the Barney Frank town hall on healthcare in Dartmouth is not only running against Frank in the Democratic primary but that her crew came to my store 2 days ago trying to obtain nomination paper signatures.  Yes, they’re still trotting out the Barack Obama-with-Hitler-mustache and other Nazi photographic propaganda.

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