Yes we can: The State Senate is in play.

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Must read analysis from Conor over at! Going over Scott Brown’s numbers district by district, the author provides some grounds for GOP optimism. If not this year, when?

I look at that map, and I see an awful lot of State Senate districts awash in a sea of Red.

That’s a pretty interesting development when you consider that Republicans currently hold just 5 of 40 Senate seats.  It’s also slightly deceiving because almost all of that Blue in the western part of the state falls within two districts.  The Berkshire, Hampton, and Franklin district, currently represented by Democratic Senator Ben Downing, is the state’s largest with a whopping 48 cities and towns (of which Coakley won 44), and the Hampshire and Franklin District, represented by Stanley Rosenberg, includes Amherst, Northhampton, and 23 and 1/2 (Belchertown) other towns of which Coakley won 22.

So what about the other 38 Senate districts?  Will they continue to be dominated by Democrats, or are more of them in play in 2010?

I’m glad you asked, because by my calculations there could be as many as 25 Senate seats in play this year (assuming the Republican party can mount a successful candidate recruitment drive)

Don’t believe me?  Let’s take a look at last week’s election results.

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