WOW! Purple Shirted SEIU Members Holding Signs at Standout

This picture sums up the Coakley campaign. Keep up the work but I have a feeling we are going to win running away.

Photo Credit: David Toppen’s Facebook Page

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  1. I hope you don’t mind, EaBo, I am going to send it to fox news!

  2. check out the rest of the pics.

    ok, I’m inspired now.  I have my Brown for Senate T-shirt and pointing the car down 495 for the 5 PM Middleboro stop.

  3. What is this?  What are the unions getting out of this…?

    Or will they just do anything for a night if the price is right?

  4. They’ll have a total meltdown when the see this.

    They’ve completely lost it.

  5. I took the pictures and talked to the people.  They are Brown supporters and not happy their Union is supporting Martha.  Good people.  More video of them here, the secret service wouldn’t let the guy in the chair in on the handicapped ramp as Billy Jeff needed the exits clear in case he had to run or something.

  6. locomotivebreath1901

    I think this means that h3ll has frozen over…


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