Why did Six MA Congressmen sign an anti-Israel letter to Obama?

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Recently a letter was sent by 54 U.S. House of Representatives Democrats urging President Obama to pressure Israel to loosen security measures that were implemented to counter the threat from terrorism originating from the Hamas-controlled Gaza strip.

This is a very troubling letter – fully one in five Democrats in Congress have called on the President to pressure Israel to relax measures put in place after years of rocket fire from Gaza into Israeli towns.

In their letter, these 54 Democrats express no concern whatsoever about the consequences that might have for Israelis living under the threat of terrorism from Gaza.

It is especially troubling to see that among the members signing on to this misguided letter are SIX members of the Massachusetts Congressional delegation: Reps Olver, McGovern, Lynch, Tierney, Capuano and Delahunt.   Why are these Congressmen supporting anti-Israel measures?

Support for Israel’s right of self-defense has traditionally been a point of bipartisan consensus. But when one in five House Democrats take an official action so at odds with that principle, it obviously raises questions about why the Democrats’ support for Israel is weakening.

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