Who Runs Gov: Hudak faked Brown endorsement

According to the Washington Post’s WhoRunsGov.com Plumline blog Bill Hudak “faked” the Scott Brown endorsement.

This is just crazy. Newly-minted Senator Scott Brown is  catching a bunch of heat for supposedly endorsing a whacky Republican birther candidate for Congress who compared Obama to Osama Bin Laden.

Now, though, the Brown camp is claiming that the GOP birther candidate may have faked Brown’s endorsement. A Brown spokesman tells me the birther sent out a release trumpeting Brown’s endorsement that hadn’t even been approved by Brown and even featured a phony quote from Brown himself!

The candidate in question is Republican Bill Hudak, from Boxford, Massachusetts, who’s runing against Dem Rep John Tierney. Hudak has some pretty zany views, decorating his property with a sign depicting him dressed as Osama Bin Laden and insisting he was born in Kenya and retains ties to unnamed extremists.

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