What Obama’s Visit Means

On Friday I openly wondered whether having the president come to campaign for Coakely signaled bad news for Brown suporters. I theorized that he would not come here to be humiliated by another loss like NJ & VA – he must know something we don't about the state of the race. However, now that Obama has come and gone, I think I have to ammend my theory.

First, it appears that even among the president's inner circle this race has all but become a lost cause.

Second, the venue they chose for today's energizing rally only held 1000 people. Considering the fact that Obama's presence was supposed to be the motivating factor wouldn't it have made more sense to have a very large venue? Perhaps the president knew this was a nonstarter from the beginning but figured he had to at least make an appearance of trying?

Third, Brown's poll numbers just continue to rise. A Merriman River Group poll in Massachusetts finds that Scott Brown leads Martha Coakley, 50.8% to 41.2%.

The best part? Watching the local coverage of today's competeing rallies was revealing. The main story line from the Coakley rally- Obama needed to come to try and save her. The main story line from Scott's- they had so many people there they needed to close down Main Street.

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