What are you seeing?

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A reporter friend often asks, “what are you hearing?”  So I’m asking you, “what are you seeing?”

A couple of reports so far:

A college buddy called me and said there were 20 people lined up to vote in Wilmington at 7 am.  Another friend called me from Dorchester and said as of 7:25 only 10 people had voted.  If this trend keeps up not looking good for Martha.  

Garrett here!
When Jill & I voted this morning at our polling place in Cambridge there were no Coakley, Brown, or Kennedy signs. The number on the machine indicated 57 people had voted already. Sneaking a peek at the voter rolls it look like a large number of unenrolleds voted absentee.  

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  • A hundred foot line out the door at 7AM opening.  I was #2 to vote in my precinct.

  • I got in line in Littleton at 6:45 and I was number 10.  By 7:00 when the polls opened there were probably 40 people in line.  This is not good for Coakley – Littleton is definitely Brown country.  There was a feeling of anticipation in the air as people waited to vote.  

    The Coakley campaigners seemed somber – the Brown people seemed upbeat and happy.  I’m afraid to hope – this feels like game 7 of the 2004 World Series; fearing for the Bill Buckner or Bucky Dent moment.  

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    I got there at 6:50 am and was #15 in line.  By the time I left at 7:05 am there were about a hundred people standing in line.  Went to the Scott Brown booth set up in the parking lot and spoke to the LRTC Chairman for a few minutes. Thanked him for doing such a great job.  As we spoke many of the people going in to vote were giving us the thumbs up.  

    This is going to be a huge turnout.

    It’s all about the vote today.  No resting until the polls close.

    When you vote today – thank all the folks still standing with Scott Brown signs at the polling stations.  They have worked hard and deserve our thanks…..It’s snowing and cold and they are still working to make this happen….

  • Karl Marx

    looks like a brisk turnout but bear in mind people vote before they go to work and that tapers off during the day.

  • nomad943

    Yes, its SNOWING in Methuen; feels like Christmas.

  • There was a line of around 15 people in downtown Marblehead at 7:00 am, but most interestingly there were 5 or 6 Brown supporters with signs and no Coakley supporters.

  • Snowing in Norwood too.  Line of 9 people with more coming across the street in front of the polling place at 6:50AM

  • I’m from Texas and this is the only way I have of knowing what’s really going on at the polls. Thanks so much for the info.

    Bettina (Beth)

  • 175 Chandler St. had about 60 in line before the doors opened……..I was #5.

    ……and the traffic jam trying to get outta there was unreal.

  • I went by at 7:30 and Watertown center was filled with Coakley supporters. Hopefully, some Brown supporters are able to fill some of the space and dilute the appearance of Coakley support.

  • Not much activity here, but it’s a pretty small precinct.  As of ~8-9 this morning no Coakley canvassing at Kendall T stop or in font of precinct.  Small Coakley group canvassing Davis Square T stop this morning.

  • Hard time parking, no line inside. LOTS of people showing up as I was walking out 3 minutes later.

  • Nobody in line at my polling place in Orient Heights, East Boston at 8AM.  

  • I vote at a school that serves two districts. I t was doing a brisk business. there was 1 Brown sign and no Coakley signs out front. I talked to the supporter and said thanks for standing out there. We talked for a few minutes. He is in a union as well. His parting comment was “Maybe I should get a sign that says union member for Scott Brown”

  • Would you locals mind giving us outside the state an idea of what kind of precinct it is when you post about turnout there?

  • EOM

  • Three Poll locations were DEAD!  I was in and out with one other person. Walked by two other polling locations, GHOST TOWN

  • JoeTS

    I was #368.

  • Huge turnout! Even Coakley sign holders admitting lack of enthusiasm about being there.

  • I’m glad to see the posts about high turnout in areas Brown needs to carry. I held a sign for Scott at Ward 2 here in Newburyport from 7-9 and will again from 6-8 and there was a fairly brisk turnout. This is Coakley country. The folks didn’t seem very enthusiastic about voting for her, but they are showing up.

  • nomad943

    VERY busy .. poll workers saying its busiest she has seen it. No lines but definatly a continuos flow at about the max pace (doesnt take very long to finish the ballot, even for me).

    TEAM MARSHA just showing up as I was leaving with a truck load of “volunteers” to do the obligatory visibility. I think I was able to spray them with slush … it was close and they were yelling something. Glad to see that they dont have a shortage of signs as I can use the kindling.

  • Steady turn out. 4 or 5 sign holders for both sides. Two vans with large Brown signs. More Conservative leaning town.

  • My mother voted (for Brown) at around 10:00 and the turnout at that time was about 400.  Littleton has around 8,500 people.  The signholders were gone, but the pollworker said turnout had been strong compared to other elections.  Littleton should be Brown country.

  • at 9:00 was very brisk….had to wait in line to get into the parking lot.  Reminded me of a general election…once 9AM rolls around things usually are pretty quiet…not this year

  • I’m voting this afternoon as it’s easier to vote with the kids during the slow times. However, I did stop by the polls around 7am in Bridgewater to put up a few Scott Brown signs and voter activity was heavy. I even got some waves and thumbs up while sticking the signs into the ground. It’ll be interesting to hear what the poll workers think when I got this afternoon.  

  • Voted in Littleton at 9:30, not a line but a steady stream of voters.  

    The poll workers said that turnout was heavy.

  • Was standing out for Brown in front of the High School

    Traffic jam on the street out front from before 7 to 10:30 when I left. Turnout had to be high, close to Presidential years.

    About 10-15 Brown supporters at all times, including 4 from NH (three of them from N Conway- thanks!!).

    Two measly Coakley types (who kept their distance).

    Thumbs up for Brown about 3:1 vs look aways or frowns.

  • Good number of Coakley signs at my polling location.  No Brown signs.  Although there was a Brown person holding a sign in Arlington Center.  Coakley people were there too.

  • I held a sign for a couple hours from 10 to 12 or so and turnout was very brisk.  My demoralized buddy and commie democrat selectman thinks Martha is gonna get killed and he said he has rarely seen turnout this big.  Great news for us here.

  • Lots of traffic Precint 4 at 1pm. Lots of people already voted by check marks I saw on the rolls. Look like a heavy turnout. Saw several of my right-to-life friends, I think that is a good sign.

    I think Scott should win everything outside Rt128. Weld-Cellucci Country!

  • gary

    Haven’t voted yet, but there’s steady auto traffic turning off to the Sturbridge Burgess Elementary location.  Obviously, a good turnout.  Even though Sturbridge went for Obama, and also for Governor Patrick, it’s actually a strong Republican town.


    Circa summer of 1989, I was in Germany and recall discussing with co-workers about when the Wall would fall.  We guessed sometime in the next decade.  Then, suddenly, a couple of months later in October, it was gone.  And, I guess that’s the way it is with big sea-changes. You just never see them coming ’til they arrive.


    Big call out to former Senate President and Democrat Bob Travaglini, without whom this very race wouldn’t have been possible.

  • 700 have voted in precinct 7 in Methuen as of 2:40pm.  The poll workers said turnout is higher so far then it was for last falls mayoral/city council elections.      

  • Could become an issue up north as the day wears on.

    It has been snowing steadily since my morning commute and hasn’t stopped in Chelmsford.