What are the odds of Christy Mihos showing up in Arlington tonight – six to one he’s a no show.

As many people will testify, Christy Mihos has a frequency for cancelling events – in plain English – NOT SHOWING UP.  Rumour has it, the governor wanna be is sun bathing not at his six million dollar, once upon a time IRS Liened Yarmouth Home, (but he did receive an apology letter) but sun bathing instead in Florida.  Maybe he’s also running for Charlie Crist’s seat.The former Independent candidate for governor, who spent six million dollars attack our nominee, including an ad which showed a man stickign his head inside a rear end (the heads up ad), says – on his web page – that his dog has died and that he will be in ARLINGTON tonight – MONDAY January 4th.  The event is at 112 Mystic Street at 7:30 PM.  

If he shows up, I’ll personally give the max donation to his campaign.  God knows he needs it with only about $2000 in his treasury right now.  Also, a gold star to anybody who can report the last time they actually saw Christy, and I don’t mean on the back of a milk carton.Sun tan lotion, anybody???????

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