Union Phonebanks For Coakley

Red State has learned the locations of various union phonebanking and  get out the vote efforts. These aren’t anything out of the ordinary and most places are local union facilities. If you’re planning on going let us know what you hear/see and report back to us!  

STOP # 1 8:45 AM


Holyoke Campaign Office

555 South Canal Street


STOP #2 9:20 AM


IHOP International House of Pancakes

640 Riverdale Street

West Springfield.

STOP # 3 11:15 AM


Kenmore Diner

250 Franklin Street,


STOP #4 11:55 AM    

Scott Brown will be joined by former governor Paul Cellucci


Worcester Campaign Office

18 Grafton Street, 8th Floor


STOP # 5 1:00 PM


Wachusett Mountain Ski Area


STOP # 6 3:00 PM

The People’s Rally


Mechanics Hall

321 Main Street Worcester

Doors open at 3:00 PM -Rally Begins at 3:30 PM  

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  • It looks from the RedState link that there are only 4 (!) Coakley phone banks?

    Is this Statewide?

    Wow – pretty pathetic.

  • Go to http://www.volunteer-connect.c… to make calls from HOME

    Go to http://www.brownforussenate.co… to find your nearest PHONE BANK

  •  Received a call from a fellow SEIU union member based in NY who was being paid to make calls for Coakley.

    My question to SEIU members in MA is this. HOW STUPID ARE YOU? Our democrats in state government want to eliminate your jobs. And your union dues are paying for you to put yourselves out of work! The democrats want to eliminate PCA’s who work 15 hours or less. I believe a lot of you are becoming jobless.