The Republican Wave: Democrats Still Have Some Tricks Up Their Sleeves

I’m not sure how big the GOP wave will be. The GOP will make gains, but the size of that wave is yet to be determined. It would not suprise me if the Democrats rebound a little this summer. They still have some tricks up their sleeves. Here’s some counter points to consider.

* They still have the MSM in their pocket. Every now and then, the MSM has to act like real journalists to preserve some level of credibility with the masses. But once the fall rolls around, they will make the transition from being ‘half in the tank’ enablers of the Democratic party to full fledged Democratic apparatchiks. Make no mistake about it.

* On that note, the MSM will put on a full court press to promote any positive economic news. Barring a terror attack, jobs is still issue number one. It is possible that unemployment may fall into the single digits before the elections. Any report of economic growth or job growth in the summer or fall will be heralded by the press ad nauseum. Look for negative reports to make their way to page ten.

* Only one-third of the stimulus money has been spent for a reason. The Democrats intend to turn those reserves into an election season slush fund. They have been waiting for 2010 to spend the bulk of that money, so the expeditures will have the maximum impact on the elections.

* The Democrats saved some of their most popular issues for the summer of 2010 on purpose. Before the elections, they will most likely focus on jobs legislation and financial reform. Of course, we know their product will be garbage, but it may resonate with Blue Dogs, populists, liberals and liberal leaning independents. These issues will unite their fractured party.    

* People have short memories. Only a year ago, this country was engaged in hypnotic Obama worship. Its amazing how quickly things can change. Nine months is a lifetime in politics and I don’t have too much faith in the mushy middle. I’m sorry, but I have a hard time trusting an electorate that empowered Pelosi-Reid-Obama with super majorities.

There are a bunch of other factors to consider as well. I just wanted to point out that the fight for 2010 has just begun and its going to take a lot of hard work and dediation to maximize GOP gains. I may hate the left, but I don’t underestimate them. But tonight we celebrate.  

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