“The fiscally troubled Yarmouth resident,” Boston Herald r.e. Mihos

One of the most frightening chapters, still being written, in the race for governor is the growing state of anger and mudslinging coming from the Mihos Campaign.  It’s sad and it damages the pedigree of the G.O.P.

Just hours after a Superior Court judge ruled that Christy Mihos has been dishonest in his business dealings and therefore would have his campaign headquarters immediately liened by the state, the highly emotional email below was blasted to the Mihos faithful by Joe Manzoli – and it ironically has accused everyone of a vast conspiracy against the candidate, including the Boston Globe’s Frank Phillips.

How Hillary Clinton of you, Joe.

But the facts are solid, even if those accused are in a catatonic state.

It was in fact the Boston Herald, not the Globe, which on Friday evening described Christy this way………………”the fiscally troubled Yarmouth resident.”

Christy’s properties have been liened again.  This time, a judge has just liened Christy’s offices and campaign headquarters – and other assets – because the court agreed with gasoline supplier J.P. Noonan that in excess of $600,000 is owed by Mr. Mihos, who increasingly resembles a most angry visage of a candidate for high office; unwilling to accept even a rudimentary level of responsibility for his conduct as an adult.

The pattern of behavior is beyond question.  Mihos has just had his business properties liened by a superior court judge (if he doesn’t settle the debt now, state law allows the plaintiff to move for further action), he’s previously had his Cape Cod mansion liened by the IRS, he’s previously been caught by the state Department of Revenue for willfully avoiding taxes, and the list goes on and on.

Exactly where are we headed here.



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Manzoli eblast is below.  When you read it you’ll understand that, Simply put, Mihos campaign director Joe Manzoli has become the Oliver Stone of Massachusetts politics – inventing conspiracy theories more quickly that Barack Obama hikes taxes.  It’s just such a pathetic level of negativity that you don’t want to be involved with these people.

Post Script –  

The Manzoli diatribe does not address the fact that Dick Morris’ deputy Rick Wilson has filed a complaint with the state regarding MIHOS’ pattern of not paying bills. Wilson is a highly regarded GOP operative, having quarterbacked advertising for presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani; and other candidates such as New York Mayor Bloomberg, and many others.  He’s one of the most loyal GOP consultants in the country with close ties to President Bush, and has no reason of any kind to lie about a Republican candidate.

Please note this is the exact text and the spelling, grammar and syntac errors are those of Mr. Manzoli.  Though the author of the eblast attached his phone numbers, I have, as a matter of professional courtesy, seen fit to delete them to preserve his privacy.

From: Joseph Manzoli [mailto:joemanzoli@townisp.com]
Sent: Friday, January 29, 2010 9:33 PM


Subject: Update from Christy campaign

Dear Friends.

Winston Churchill once said “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on”.

This is exactly what took place this past week regarding our campaign.

Needless to say the “lies” were in a story last Sunday by Frank Phillips of the Boston Globe, Vendors say Mihos won’t pay them: say Christy Mihos, who is seeking the GOP nomination for governor, owes them about $43,500.

Apparently Mr. Phillips did not believe me when he called me last Friday evening and I said “we do not owe Mr. Sowyrda or Fudge any money”.

My “no comment” referred to the complaint Mr. Sowyrda allegedly made to the office of campaign and finance since I had no knowledge of a complaint.

The story was a blatant attempt to smear Christy Mihos as a candidate for Governor and was done without proper journalistic fact checking.

Today at a meeting with Mr. Phillips and Christy, I presented the resignation letter of Mr. Sowyrda dated 9-30-2010, along with dates of payments to him and Mr. Fudge along with a copy of the IRS form 1099 for 2009 for both vendors. The evidence was backed up with copies emails in chronological order and proved beyond any doubt that the allegations purported by the Globe was totally false!

I will not hold my breath for a retraction of the story for after all it is the Boston Globe.

Christy Mihos will not back down from political extortion. Christy Mihos has stood up to the threats and lies before as a member of the Massachusetts Turnpike Board. He took on the special interest, Big Business, Big Media, Big Government and Big Unions. We do not have “big-buck” donations from well connected donors, well healed lobbyist and other special interest groups.

Our campaign is for you, the people who are sick and tired of the fraud – corruption and “inside deals”. It is about creating jobs, and lowering taxes and most importantly controlling the rising cost of Health Care that is crippling our economy and causing families financial hardship and small businesses to close. http://bostonherald.com/news/p…

We are attacked daily by a political machine which is threaten by the truth and fearful of a populist candidate who is supported by citizen patriots; not party elitist or political insiders.  

My friends this is your campaign, your fight and your chance to rise up and let the elitist know you are “mad as hell and you are not going to take it anymore”.  

I ask you to spread the word to your friends and other citizen patriots. I need you to show your support by going on line www.christy2010.com make a donation whether it is $5.00 or $500 what ever you can afford. I need you to stand with us, united in a common cause and let the Uprising begin for we will not go gently into the night … We are ready to stand and fight!

May God Bless You and May God Bless This Commonwealth.

Joe Manzoli cell ***** bus **********

Strive for the improbable … Attain the impossible


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