The Enabler of corruption – Coakley continues to let corrupt Wilkerson off the hook

Corruption breeds more corruption, especially when the law looks the other way. And as attorney general, Martha Coakley sure does look the other way. As we previously covered in 2008 Attorney General Martha Coakley gave Dianne Wilkerson, who once had to wear an ankle bracelet on the senate floor, immunity from prosecution for multiple campaign finance violations.

Today we learned in the Boston Herald that Wilkerson has not lived up to her end of the bargain for that plea deal.  Martha Coakley has done nothing to try to make her do so.

Martha Coakley – who has painted herself as a tough law-and-order candidate in the race to succeed the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy – has failed to hold Dianne Wilkerson responsible for campaign finance violations, even as a new report shows the disgraced senator hasn’t lived up to her immunity deal with the attorney general.

Wilkerson has failed to comply or only partially complied with 11 of 51 conditions laid out in a 2008 agreement Coakley struck that allowed the Roxbury Democrat to avoid prosecution for campaign finance violations, according to a December report by the state Office of Campaign and Political Finance.

The deal allowed Wilkerson to pay a $10,000 fine, among other conditions, in exchange for immunity from prosecution for campaign finance violations.

Jennifer Nassour released the following statement today.

“Attorney General Martha Coakley has failed to prosecute political corruption at a time when Massachusetts needs public servants who are going to stand up for taxpayers. If Martha Coakley can’t speak out against corruption on Beacon Hill, how can we expect her to behave any differently in Washington? Voters have a clear choice in this election, and Scott Brown is the candidate who will put the people of Massachusetts first and stand up to business as usual in Washington.”

The Massachusetts Machine is tough, but it is cracking under our pressure.  Will you rage against the machine by voting for Scott Brown on January 19, 2010?

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