SouthCoast Suburbs Saw Red & Voted Brown

     In Dartmouth, Scott Brown received 5,812 votes while Martha Coakley earned only 5,110 to Joe Kennedy’s 98.  That means out of 11,022 ballots cast, Scott won 52.7% to Coakey’s 46.3%.

“Clearly, there was a great groundswell of independent-minded voters” in Brown’s favor Tuesday, said Brock Cordeiro of Dartmouth, chairman of Region 5 (south of Boston) for the Mass. Republican party.

Most of the state’s independents cast their votes for Brown, joining a number of disaffected Democrats seeking change, he suggested, making it “a coalition win” for the GOP candidate.

“A high turnout usually favors the Democrats, but fortunately in the suburbs, most voters cast their votes for Scott Brown,” Mr. Cordeiro noted. The cities were won by Coakley, but were islands surrounded by “a red tide” that favored the GOP candidate statewide, he suggested.

“I think he represented Joe Average to the voters in Dartmouth and Westport; a new, strong voice with a message that people could relate to,” the GOP state committeeman said.

“He’s been no stranger to the Republicans in Dartmouth, having visited us a number of times” in past years, he added.…

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