Scott Brown urges Deval Patrick to release stimulus money?

This may be a bit early for the “told you so”s as people are still celebrating their 41st vote, but come on folks, I told you so.  Brown told WBUR today that he plans to meet with our governor and urge the release of federal stimulus money, the same 787 billion stimulus money that has turned into a gigantic boondoggle.  

He also plans on meeting with Gov. Deval Patrick on Thursday, and said he will urge the governor to speed up the release of federal stimulus dollars.

Predictably the states have been somewhat slow at spending the stimulus money, but we have been absolutely swarmed with evidence that the money has been badly mismanaged.  In fact, it got so bad that the liberal Boston Globe ran a piece highlighting some of the disasters.  Trust me, if the Globe went so far as to bash the product of Obama’s first legislative win, then you better believe there is something wrong with it.  

So while Marco Rubio in Florida is using the fact that Charlie Crist supported the 787 Billion stimulus to accurately expose Crist for the RINO he is, Brown now that he has been elected will ignore blatant hypocrisy.  Where is the hypocrisy?  Well, Brown in his third debate clearly stated that he was OPPOSED to the 787 Billion stimulus, but I guess unlike our other infamous senator, Brown was against it before he was for it.   In fact Brown mentioned several times that the stimulus was ineffective, so how can he in good conscience advocate to spend money that he himself labeled as ineffective just a few weeks ago?

Simple, because like it’s been said many times here, Brown is a big government liberal Republican.   I am not much for labels and plenty of deluded folks here in Massachusetts bought the whole “fiscal conservative” mantra, but facts are persistent and annoying little things.  

Here is what a conservative should be doing.

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