Scott Brown – One Giant Leap for Man & Party?!

Here is a story from the Boston Herald quoting MassGOP Chairman Jennifer Nassour, House Minority Leader Brad Jones, Sen. Bob Hedlund & Charlie Manning.

Will Scott Brown’s giant leap from State to United States translate into a giant leap for the Massachusetts Republican Party & it’s other candidates?!

Massachusetts Republicans, giddy over Sen.-elect Scott Brown’s astonishing victory, are moving to capitalize on the win to help rebuild a party in shambles for years.

“Over the last year, we’ve been making incremental baby steps” building the party, said party chairwoman Jennifer Nassour. “With the election of Scott Brown, we hope to make a big leap up.”

Brown’s stunning win should help convince Republicans, especially in Brown strongholds, to get off the fence and challenge Democrats, Nassour said.

Brown’s win also means money: He’ll be a big draw at candidate fund-raisers, said House GOP leader Bradley Jones.…

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