Scott Brown Money Bomb Begins at Midnight!

(At 8:30PM we are at $907K we are going to blast through the $1,000,000 mark. Onwards to $1,250,000 Donate by clicking the link above. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

The is Scott Brown Money Bomb is Monday, January 11.  It begins tonight at Midnight!  You can pledge your support at Red Invades Blue and donate at


The Scott Brown Money Bomb is exploding on the internet from all groups in the Republican coalition:

The Daily Paul:

If he wins, the Dems will no longer be able to push anything they want through the Senate on a party line vote. It would go from 60/40 to 59/41 and they need 60 to impose their will on us. This is a VERY IMPORTANT ELECTION!

Red State:

*Time for some unsolicited advice to the netroots: I understand that none of you want to hear this, but if you want to be taken seriously, you have to start punishing your would-be representatives when they tell you one thing and do another.  Bluntly? Martha Coakley broke her word when she fell into line with Senate Democrats on abortion language.  You know this.  But you will go nowhere until your legislators fear you and yours more than they fear me and mine.  In fact, I’ll tell you: they don’t fear you at all

The Next Right:

And here’s where the mammoth significance of playing in MA-SEN comes into the discussion: if Brown wins, Obamacare is dead. 60 becomes 59. Because Democrats will have lost the Liberal Lion’s seat, whose photo stands in the Democratic Cloakroom with the words “Let’s get this done.” Any chance we have to take out the Obamacare abomination, however remote, is a fight worth fighting. The Senate is currently scheduled to come back into session on January 19th, the day of the Massachusetts special election. Harry Reid could move this up if it looked like Brown could win, but he’d have to get a conference done, pass it through the House, and then get it through the Senate. Not likely. And not before Republicans would scream bloody murder.

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