Scott Brown Exit Poll Open Thread

If you like unsubstantiated rumors from the Google Monkey, this is the thread for you!

Both Democrats and Republicans are set to scour the exit polls to try to get a hint of the election results.  

How bad is it early in the day? Political analyst Chuck Todd told Matt Lauer on the NBC Today Show that some Democrats are now only hoping for only a ‘single digit’ loss. Republicans believe a win for Scott Brown will stop the President Obama health care package dubbed as “health care reform” in its tracks.…

Scott Brown leads Martha Coakley by 5% in exit polls in the first hours of the day….

Voter fraud is a major problem in Massachusetts, where anyone can walk into any polling station, claim to be anyone who is on the voter rolls, and vote in their stead, as no identification whatsoever is asked for.  The only way to know if voter fraud has been committed, is for the real voter to go an vote and find his name already crossed off the registration lists as having voted.  In such a case, the voter then must show his id, and prove that he has not voted!…

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