Scott Brown Election Results

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The Boston Globe has the town by town election results for Scott Brown with an interactive map.

US Elections Atlas has the county by county breakdown.  As they update their site I expect congressional district breakdown and other analysis.

Rasmussen took a look at the exit polling and issue sets that elected Scott Brown.

The Boston Globe says “In victory, Brown deserves the support of all of Massachusetts.”

Howie Carr: “The lesson is clear. The people are mad as hell, and they aren’t going to take it anymore.”

Worcester Telegram & Gazette: U.S. Senate result energizes winners and losers

State Rep. Karyn E. Polito, R-Shrewsbury, said, “I think it sends a message to Washington and those folks on Beacon Hill that they don’t know what’s best for me, that we the people know what’s best for ourselves and families.”

While she believes that Mr. Brown’s example provides an opportunity for Republicans to learn, she said that, “this election was about more than politics. It was about people that have common sense and work hard and play by all the rules, and they want their government to stand accountable to them.”

Lowell Sun: “BLUE STATE GOES BIG FOR BROWN  Epic upset over Coakley stuns Democrats, casts doubt on Obama health plan.”  They also have download-able town by town results in .xls format.

Eagle-Tribune: “Brown’s victory opens doors for other Republicans.”

Wall Street Journal:

Perhaps most troubling for Mr. Obama and the Democrats is that independents are souring on them. That bloc backed Democrats in 2006 and 2008. Now, by a nearly 2 to 1 margin, independents said they would prefer Republicans to control Congress after November.


This is the Romney Map from 2002.  US election Atlas uses Blue for Republicans.  Their site has been around since before the 2000 election.  Remind you of anything?

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