Scott Brown – An Independent Voice on Capitol Hill

Last week I rattled off a politely but rather pointed email to the National Republican Senatorial Committee & the Republican National Committee asking about the relative lack of funding of Scott Brown’s campaign – especially when compared to the past races of Romney & Weld.

No, I didn’t hold my breath.  I also never received a response from either the NRSC or RNC.  Ironically, while typing this I received a phone call soliciting donations for the National Republican Congressional Committee.  I politely, but firmly, told them that I had no funds to contribute until at least January 19 and while the NRCC isn’t the NRSC or RNC that my decision was based largely on the lack of support given from the national GOP to Scott Brown for US Senate.

You wanted to hear the phone caller stop, studder, stammer & try to cope with the mention of “Scott Brown”.  I’m getting the feeling that this isn’t the first time they’ve been stopped cold in recent days due to bad tastes in the mouths of the party faithful left behind by the national inactivity while the MassGOP & our activists are busting our butts to elect Scott.

Anyway, that rant was inspired by this report in today’s Boston Herald:

“I give you my word. What’s the Republican party gonna to do to me? They haven’t really done much for me now,” he said. “So all of a sudden I’m obligated to them? I don’t owe anybody anything.”

With 12 days to go until the Jan. 19 special election – and on the heels of a poll showing him within striking distance of Coakley – Brown said his stance on issues makes him “the most important vote down there potentially.”

“If I go down there, I’ll be the 41st (Republican) senator,” he said. “The Democrats have to come to me and say, ‘Scott, we know you’re an independent guy, can we have you on this issue?’

“That’s a great position to be in,” he added.…

I’ve had a proudly liberal SouthCoast political columnist laugh when I’ve refered Scott Brown as an independent voice in Washington DC representing us.  The funny thing is, I wasn’t joking.

Scott Brown – a proud Republican with the spine to stand up & face the harsh politics winds.

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