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(How on earth did I miss this.  Rob Willington gets the Rock Star treatment from The Royal Gazette Bermuda’s daily newspaper.

Since Mr. Brown won the election Mr. Willington has been in demand, but chose to take a vacation to Bermuda first to relax. It is not known where he is staying on the Island.

– promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Rob Willington of Willington Media and former Executive Director of the Republican Party in Massachusetts was the driving force behind the Scott Brown new media strategy.  His work and organization allowed a shoe-string campaign to reach out to the masses in a cost effective way.  The national media is taking notice of our good friend Rob Willington.

Scott Brown’s new media team changes the splash page of to say,

“The People Have Spoken”.  From L-R: Ryan Boehm, Rob Willington,

Kristen Luidhardt, and Jordan Gehrke. Photo: (c) Ryan Boehm, used with permission.

Since the election Willington has been written about by numerous publications.  Today, Tim Mak of the Frum Forum takes an in-depth look at the New Media Strategy implemented by Willington.

Scott Brown’s win was impressive, but of course, he didn’t do it alone. Behind his revolutionary online campaign was new media strategist Rob Willington, a man who made Senator-Elect Brown’s populism, well, popular.

It all started in the fall of 2009, in September, when several key campaign staff met with then-State Senator Scott Brown to discuss his long-shot bid for the late Ted Kennedy’s seat. Rob Willington, a former executive director for the Massachusetts GOP and the New Media Director for Brown’s campaign, set out to harness the energy of the Republican grassroots using new media tools.

“We knew we were going to be underdogs,” Willington told FrumForum.  “We knew we needed to run an insurgent campaign with an aggressive online strategy, because we were running against a political machine that owned the entire state.”

Brown’s campaign started modestly – collecting emails from potential supporters; printing little cards to remind targeted voters of the special election date. At the beginning of the campaign, Willington had to show campaign staff how to use Google Documents instead of just plain emails. “When we thought we were going to be a poor campaign, I had to do everything [with regards to our online presence],” said Willington. Campaign staffers watched So Goes the Nation, a documentary about the ’04 Ohio elections, where turnout was key and Republicans turned the tide based on personal voter contact like door-knocking and phone-calling.

Red Mass Group will have an in-depth interview with Willington in the next few weeks. It’s getting hard to book the right’s internet rock star.

Full Disclosure: Willington Media is a client of mine in my professional life.

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