RightCondition: What does a Scott Brown victory mean for us?

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This campaign has reached an absolute fever pitch and the atmosphere here in Massachusetts is electric.  I cannot remember the last time we witnessed this kind of mass hysteria over a candidate, oh wait, it was just a year ago when a black president was going to change America once and for all.  Indeed, we have our own mini-Hopenchange rumbling through the state and one emotional radio host has even hijacked Obama’s favorite slogans!  Neighbors, extended family members, strangers, homeless people and co-workers are all coming out of the woodwork urging people to vote for Brown and all semblance of debate has been eradicated.  If you think only liberals can blindly worship a candidate, you are sorely mistaken. So what does a Scott Brown victory mean for us Americans?

Now I have been no stranger to criticizing Brown and my facts speak for themselves, I have paid the price for going against the establishment so let us consider what the fallout will be as the notorious Kennedy seat falls to a Republican.  Three distinct groups will be significantly affected on January 19th in the case of a Brown victory and given the momentum and internal polling a victory is very much in the cards.

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  • In the short term, the healthcare bill will goes back to the drawing board or it will die…I see Brown as only slightly to the right of the Maine twins.  He’s more conservative, but much more of a negotiator (just my observation).

    Cap-N-trade goes under the bus, and no huge bill is proposed until after the midterms.  Coakley loses and the immigration debate goes on hold until 2013.

    I think the national GOP will at least consider not leaving MA as a lost cause in the future, and locally I think we have a lot of turnover on Beacon Hill…GOP takes the Gov’s office.

    I do see a potential problem down the road after the midterms and a schism widening that could fracture the GOP.  I’m still not sure if that is a good or bad thing yet.

    Oh the midterms…GOP picks up 6-8 seats and 22-28 in the house.

  • Amazingly, Ramesh Ponnuru at NRO’s Corner linked to this yesterday: Scott Brown is a more liberal Republican than Dede Scozzafava.

    One of the comments at that blog leads me to believe that eventually all the conservatives around the country supporting Scott will feel betrayed eventually.

    I did not know Brown was pro-choice. Do the conservtives?

    They have no one to blame but themselves.

  • demolisher

    Do you want to kill Obamacare, or not?

    Do you want to end the Dems filibuster proof majority, or not?

    How can you honestly say not, no matter how scrupulous you think you are?


  • not a big fan of other people pimping THEIR blogs on other blogs…..no clicky from me.

    Bet you had something to say too…