RightCondition: What does a Scott Brown victory mean for us?

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This campaign has reached an absolute fever pitch and the atmosphere here in Massachusetts is electric.  I cannot remember the last time we witnessed this kind of mass hysteria over a candidate, oh wait, it was just a year ago when a black president was going to change America once and for all.  Indeed, we have our own mini-Hopenchange rumbling through the state and one emotional radio host has even hijacked Obama’s favorite slogans!  Neighbors, extended family members, strangers, homeless people and co-workers are all coming out of the woodwork urging people to vote for Brown and all semblance of debate has been eradicated.  If you think only liberals can blindly worship a candidate, you are sorely mistaken. So what does a Scott Brown victory mean for us Americans?

Now I have been no stranger to criticizing Brown and my facts speak for themselves, I have paid the price for going against the establishment so let us consider what the fallout will be as the notorious Kennedy seat falls to a Republican.  Three distinct groups will be significantly affected on January 19th in the case of a Brown victory and given the momentum and internal polling a victory is very much in the cards.

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