Report from Wakefield, Pct 2

Spent most of the day working Precinct 2 which shares space with Precinct 3 at a social club here in Wakefield. The traffic in and out was brisk. Voter stat turnouts will be forthcoming but I suspect they are very high.

Throughout the day there were five Scott Brown sign holders, including your scribe and we were all well received by voters.

THERE WERE NO COAKLEY SIGNHOLDERS! and at least one passersby walking her dog noted that not one Coakley hack braved the cold weather. The negative campaign turned off this dog-lover.

Wakefield supported Coakley in the Democratic primary and is familiar as the town is part of Middlesex County, where Martha notorious served as DA.

It is safe to say that most of the people gave we merry band of Brown supporters a thumbs up. Only one moonbat yelled at us as agents of Exxon Mobil. She was off her meds.

I would be surprised if Scott Brown didn’t carry these two precincts.

If,  in fact,  Thursday’s Suffolk poll was a wake up call for Coakley’s supporters hoping to gin up the machine it was one Martha’s folks didn’t hear. It seems that they’re still asleep or in denial.

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