Polyamory: The poison fruit of gay marriage.

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I love being right, and I usually am.

I have been predicting for years that legalizing gay marriage would bring about the downfall of traditional marriage and be the catalyst for other, even less desirable, forms of perverse relationships.  Well, look no further, because The Boston Globe has published its ‘insightful’ look at poly amorous relationships.  Polyamory is, the open sexual relationship with multiple partners, of which some are usually married.  It’s sometimes characterized as an open marriage.

Wikipedia defines it this way:

Polyamory differs from polygamy, which refers to multiple marriage (although the word “polygamy” is often used to refer only to polygyny: one man with several wives.) Traditional polygamy is usually patriarchical and often claims a religious justification. Polyamory, on the other hand, is a more modern outlook grounded in such concepts as gender equality, self-determination, free choice for all involved, mutual trust, equal respect among partners, the intrinsic value of love, the ideal of compersion, and other mostly secular ideals. As of July, 2009 there are estimated to be more than 500,000 polyamorous relationships in the United States.[1][2]

So Wikipedia suggests that it is all about equality, free choice and trust.  Out with the old concepts of traditional relationships (and all it’s religious mumbo-jumbo) and in with the new more secular smart stuff.

The Boston Globe article has all the touch-points of a typical MSM endorsement of aberrant liberal behavior. The arguments they make are simple and predictable:

1. These people are just like you and me.

2. It’s not about the sex, its about the love.

3. There is a long history of this stuff going on.  In fact lots of people are doing it.

4. Traditional marriage is not perfect.  In fact, it sucks.

5. Science supports this kind of stuff.  You have to believe science!

6. The kids are fine with the whole thing, don’t worry.  In fact, the kids feel bad when it stops.

7. The warning signs are off base and miscalculated.

8. Personal testimony from a ‘poly’ person stating “I thought I was wrong to do it, but I have since learned how great it is”.

9. “Look how responsible we all are”.

10. Everyone that doesn’t do it, or rejects the idea, is closed minded and ignorant.

Its the same argument made for gay marriage.  The article even mentions that the supporters of poly relationships have considered the legal ramifications of the issue.  

Nonetheless, Valerie White, executive director of Sexual Freedom Legal Defense and Education Fund in Sharon, says we are ahead of the curve in Massachusetts, particularly compared with the South, where teachers have lost their jobs and parents have lost their children for being poly. But she notes there is no push in the poly movement to legalize these relationships, largely because there’s no infrastructure for it. “It was easy to legalize gay marriage. All you had to do was change bride and groom to person A and person B. But we don’t know what multi-partnered marriage looks like,” White says.

Never miss a chance to poke fun at the ignorant rednecks south of New Jersey where teachers have lost jobs due to poly relationships.  Imagine that, teachers losing jobs!  See how Valerie White describes the sanctity of marriage – ‘change bride and groom to person A and person B’.  That is an open admission that people are interchangeable in sacred relationships.  That is how people see marriage these days.  And why do they see it that way?  Because gay marriage advocates have distorted the idea of marriage.  Marriage is no longer the union of two special people of opposite sexes.  Nope, marriage is just any two people that get their groove on.  And very soon, right after Valerie figures out the legal specifics, marriage will be any two, three, four or more people that feel like getting their groove on.

The article and accompanying video smack of propaganda and biased reporting.  Why didn’t The Globe just come out and say “Hey, its all good!”?

This is exactly the kind of thing traditional family/marriage supporters have been warning about.  Allow gay marriage and you open the door to even worse things.  I am sure that many folks on this very blog predicted that poly amorous relationships were hot on the tail of legalizing gay marriage.

I think for the year 2010 we are going to see a new word brought about – “polyphobic‘.  It is kinda like ‘homophobic’ but aimed at the ignorant hateful masses that don’t see the inherent beauty of entering into a marriage that allows multiple partners.  So get ready for one more thing that the left will hate about us – or at least me.

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