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We conducted a survey in the 9th Congressional District on January 26th.  304 registered voters, of whom 47% were Dems (12 pts higher than state average) and only 37% were Unenrolleds (18 pts below state average). Margin of Error = 5.58%.

While Lynch has 82% name ID, his favorable was only 42%, and his unfavorable was a whopping 21%. 16% were undecided about Lynch.

This shows sufficient vulnerability for someone to take him on.  However, after talking with various GOP activists, and having a beer with Rob “Eabo Clipper” Eno, I’ve decided NOT to run.  I will certainly be active in GOP activities in this exciting year, just not as a candidate.

I understand that we have 2 candidates — Keith Lepor and Vernon Harrison.  Although I don’t know either of these gentlemen, I would strongly suggest that they get together over a beer (or 2) and decide which one will run.  Even though Lynch is at 42% approval, he still has high name ID and $1.3M in the bank.  A GOP nominee who has to slog through a tough primary (that won’t get alot of press regardless of who’s running) will be at a serious disadvantage in the general (unlike, say, the 10th where a primary will strengthen the winner).

So, consider this poll my parting gift to whomever takes on Lynch.  Good luck!

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