Oh Look! Another Robopoll


InsideMedford.com has conducted a robopoll, or as they call it “touch tone polling technology”, with the help of The Merriman River Group.

Their poll has Brown with a 9.6% lead over Martha Coakley 50.8% – 41.2% Independent libertarian Joe Kennedy has 1.8% of the vote with 6.2% undecided.  

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  • Where are the math geeks who can tell us if this does a decent job of measuring likely voters?

    Do they do a decent job a measuring the population centers and the demographic groups within them?

    Have they accurately sampled the proper distrubution of D, R, and U?

    That said/asked…yipeeeeee!

  • MerrimackMan

    34% Registered Democrats? Not sure about that….

    Their D-R-U breakdown was 34-17-48. While the levels of support for each party seemed on target, I think the Democrats were probably undersampled in this poll.  

  • Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno