Obama’s Gamble on MA Race

President Obama is now scheduled to come to the Bay State on Sunday to stump for Martha Coakley and attempt to breath life into a floundering campaign. However, you have to wonder, why? Even Coakley's own internal polls now show her trailing challenger Scott Brown. After suffering two fairly large embarrassments in New Jersey and Virginia just a few months ago you would think the administration would be reticent to wade into these waters again.


Does the White House know something we don't? Do they see a clear enough path to victory that they are willing to send the “speechifier” in chief to rally the troops? Or is this a last gasp desperation move realizing that if Brown wins then plenty of moderate Democrat legislators will see the writing on the wall and begin to abandon the ultra liberal agenda the administration is pursuing?


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  • The DEMS machine is accustomed to running a race as the leader in this state…they are not used to this.

    My guess is he’ll come in here and make an impassioned plea to save his agenda, invoke Kennedy’s name several times, and tell us what an advocate Martha would for this state.  He’ll mesmerize his base, but his base is already there.  It might help the DEM GOTV a bit, but it will aggravate those opposed to the agenda and help them as well.

    I’ve read a couple of theories on this gamble and I’ve come to believe that he knows the ship is sinking, but he has little choice.  I think he would have preferred to keep his distance, and were the balance of power not hanging in the Senate, he wouldn’t get involved(especially after NJ and VA).

    If this were a no-limit hold’em game, he just went all in with a weaker hand.  Brown wins, and they’ll be forced to used reconciliation (which limits what can be put in and can be painful) to pass healthcare…and that will cost them even more in the midterms.

    p.s. Be on the lookout for a scandalous allegation over the weekend from team Coakley.

  • I agree with other posts.However Obama is a total ego maniac

    Narcisisst.He has been groomed to remake America for years.Afterall the libs know what is best for us.He has to get involved because Martha is so pathetic.She has no charisma

    just that snarky condescending smile.BTW where did she get that accent? Just asking.

  • demolisher

    Since the left seems most scared of their own fringe base, Obama chooses to avoid the worst outcome:  A narrow Coakley loss in which he did not try to help.  If she wins, great, if she loses, boo hoo but at least he tried.  At least he cared.  It would be awfully hard to explain to the frothing progressives otherwise.