Not exactly news: Libertarians equate Obama and Bush

MSM discovers the obvious: Libertarians (small “l” and Party-faithful) think the obnoxiously statist Obama is just as bad as neo-conservatively inclined statist George W. Bush. The libertarian antipathy toward Bush was often overlooked by the Mainstream Media and few bothered to plumb the depths to identify how deleterious Bush was to economic (think Medicare Part D) and personal liberty (think Terry Schiavo). Obama’s expansion of the government makes Bush’s look so minor league.

Yet the seminal mistakes are the same. Or should we say seminal disasters?

President Obama has brought more of the same — not change you can believe in.

At least according to the Libertarian Party, which said this evening that its “top 10 disasters” of the Obama administration’s first year have a striking similarity to the Bush administration.  

“Republicans and Democrats keep expanding government and creating more and more problems. We’re encouraging as many Libertarians as possible to run for Congress in 2010,” Wes Benedict, the Libertarian Party executive director, said in a statement.

The discovery of the disconnect between libertarians and conventional political thinking is a shortfall of today’s journalism. Political reporters aren’t picking up on what I’ll call the “libertarian pivot,” the influence of a certain independent segment of the citizenry that batters the status quo. Such independents are part of the virulent swing vote.  

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