No, There’s Nothing More Important Going On.

Why is this still a story (nay, why has it garnered anything more than a passing humorous comment in the first place)?  Fine, so maybe Scott did a fatherly faux pas by pretending to be searching for suitors for his daughters, but beyond that, there shouldn’t be anything to it.  Clearly the Browns are a close family that can make jokes with one another, even if some people (mistakenly) think he tried to humiliate his own kids.

Ironically, while media outlets continue to try to make something out of nothing, they themselves exploit Arianna and Ayla far worse.  Tell me, exactly how do Scott’s comments equate to “news” two days later?  Even worse, though, is the pointless publishing of unrelated (and terribly inappropriate) photographs that have zero relevance to the awesome victory Tuesday night.  Rather, the press continues to create buzz for their own benefit.  Ugh.

[The supposed source of this photograph is someone who “is friends with Scott Brown’s daughter Ayla.”]

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