No ballot box tricks

I was a GOP Precinct head in Florida during the Bush/Gore presidential race. The race that had the problems with the not counted votes and the “Chad’s” . The only thing that was wrong with that election was the democrats like Bill Daley from Chicago and Terry McCaulf , Bill Clinton. Rohm Emanuel. Well this bunch knew that Gores chances of becoming president were fading away fast so they took action to screw up the vote. Ballot boxes were missing or new ones would show up, but no one knew where they came from, Votes for George Bush were lost or Votes for Al Gore were counted 3 or 4 times. We have seen that President Obama and the Democrat party work very close with groups like Acorn. Groups like this have been caught red-handed trying to screw up the votes to there candidates favor. My Prediction for the coming election of Scott Brown is……They will try to make this same sort of thing happen here if Martha can not win legally they will make sure she wins corruptly. I hope this does not happen in our state…To all GOP Pole watchers please be vigilant and make sure this does not happen and report any strange things going on at the polling places around the state. You can bet Bill Clinton and the Gang are here in our state to make sure if Scott Brown Starts to win they will gum up the works. Lets make sure no Scott Brown official Ballots are found in the Charles River days from the election. Lets make sure Martha’s people play fair and keep it clean.

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