Niki Tsongas and a partisan double-standard

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Does Representative Tsongas believe political expediency should prevail over the will of the people?

After winning her seat in a close and contested special election, Niki Tsongas’ election was certified promptly by Secretary of State Galvin so that she could be seated in just 48 hours, allowing her to cast an important vote.  As the beneficiary of this speedy process in the most recent federal special election in Massachusetts, it is important to know if she believes the rules that applied to her should apply to everyone else.

Were Scott Brown to win this election, a very distinct possibility given recent polling results, it would be based in part on his opposition to this monstrosity of a healthcare bill.  Any failure at prompt certification, regardless of who wins on January 19, will deny the people representation by a senator they have duly elected.

The people of the 5th Congressional District are tired of partisan gamesmanship. Call or Email Niki Tsongas. Ask her if the winner of the U.S. Senate Special Election should receive the same treatment she received and be seated promptly following the election.

Please visit to find out more about me and my campaign. Congress is broken. We need someone who will actually work for the people of the 5th Congressional District.

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