My letter in the Weston Town Crier: Scott Brown will be a responsive U.S. senator

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My letter to the editor of the Weston Town Crier appears in the most recent edition of that paper. Here it is:

Scott Brown will be a responsive U.S. senator

To the editor:

Scott Brown has earned my vote for the U.S. Senate on Tuesday, Jan. 19 for a number of important reasons. He is admirably independent. He is a strong fiscal conservative. He has an outstanding record of accomplishment as a military veteran and public servant.

An additional reason why Scott has earned my vote – he is one of the most responsive elected officials I have ever met. Having had the opportunity to work with Scott’s State House office on a number of occasions during his tenure in the state Senate, I have been consistently impressed with his responsiveness and accessibility.

This attention to responsiveness isn’t always the most glamorous part of holding public office, but it is crucially important. Taxpayers frequently reach out to their elected officials when they need urgent information or assistance, so getting back to them quickly is essential. This is particularly so for our next U.S. senator, who will serve as a point of contact in the federal government for the entire Massachusetts population.

Please join me in voting for Scott Brown for U.S. Senate on Tuesday, Jan. 19.

Eric R. Dahlberg

Candidate for State Senate in Third Middlesex District  

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