MoveOn.Org joins the battle and links Scott Brown to Bush Administration

(Consider this your Moonbat Comment of the day! – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Scott Brown is telepathically connected to Dick Cheney and is a vital cog to the legacy of George W. Bush. Well….obviously that isn’t the case at all but when you’ve built a political activist machine based on venom, untruths and hysteria, these kinds of connections are the norm.

I’m waiting for the more accurate title of this whining bunch of weenies. At some point they should call themselves!

Bluemassgroup posted the following which I’ve copied and pasted as a reminder to you of just  how hated we are by the rabid left. (I’m sure the poster is a spaggetti armed wimp but talks tough):

Let’s HUMILIATE Brown, Teabaggers, PPP and the GOP Haters (6.00 / 5)

I advocated for an outsider progressive candidate in the primary and ended up voting for Alan Khazei. I posted on BMG that Martha Coakley was my next-to-last choice, above only Pagliuca.

But make no mistake: without hesitation, I will between now and election day make calls, send a donation, knock on doors, and volunteer in any capacity to ensure a Martha Coakley victory.

Not just a modest victory, either.

Scott “The Clown” Brown, the anti-American teabaggers, talk radio racists, Republican Right wackos, and every other bigoted fundamentalist freak that infects our sacred Democracy like an anal-rectal cancer is trying to propagandize a close race for Sen. Kennedy’s seat in order to stampede the corporate media sheep.

For this, we must –all of us progressives– not just defeat them, but humiliate them.

On January 20 we will drag them back by the scalp to their political feces, with which they sought to soil the legacy of America’s greatest US Senator, and we will rub their noses in it.

That’s right, all up in it…

Let’s use this utterly bogus PPP poll to rally a good old-fashioned Cod-eatin’, PT-109-lovin’ red-white-and-blue, cradle-of-democracy, patriotic, election day ass-kicking on these Palinite dead-enders and unrepentant Bush-holes so they feel the hurt right through 2012………

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