Morning Massachusetts Senate Race Briefing – Thursday January 14th Edition

There are 5 days left to shock the world. Get thee to a phone bank.  If you are reading this from outside of Massachusetts you can volunteer from the comfort of your own home.

News is not hard to find these days is it. We are almost on overdrive.  The publisher of Red Mass Group, your’s truly, was on Broadside with Jim Braude on NECN last night.  

The Boston Globe focuses on the outside attack ads trying to destroy Scott Brown.

Massachusetts has become ground zero in the struggle over a national health care overhaul pending in Congress, and groups on both sides of the issue have emerged to blast mostly negative ads at the relatively small electorate that will decide the election Tuesday. Total spending on advertising in the final nine days by the major-party candidates, Democrat Martha Coakley and Republican Scott Brown, and their allies could approach $3 million, which is an astounding figure for a Bay State election.

The Washington Post reported that Scott Brown has already bought $2,000,000 in advertising himself, and sources tell RMG that another significant may have been made recently. So the Globe is woefully underestimating the total. It will be closer to six or seven million. With Scott Brown himself buying possibly up to  $3,000,000 in advertising thanks to people like you.

The Globe also follows Brown on his kitchen table tour.

“I’d give you a beer,” Farren says, “but I don’t have any money for it.”

“Oh, they tax the beers, too,” Brown says. “There’s a beer tax, a sales tax, a meals tax, a hotel tax. And yesterday they were looking at, check this out, a tax for gas. They were going to raise it 20, 30, 40 cents, and they’re thinking – there’s been conversations – about putting a chip in your registration to tax your miles.”

It is early December, and Brown is three days into his role as Republican nominee for US Senate. He is surrounded by moose decor in the Farren home, nearly an hour northwest of Boston, holding the first in a series of “kitchen table conversations” with voters. Jack Farren is an independent. Kris, his wife, is a Democrat. If Brown is to have a shot, he needs people like them.

The Boston Herald says Scott Brown is outspending Martha Coakley.  We told you that would happen here first at Red Mass Group.  It’s so bad that Vicki Kennedy is going crazy as are the Coakley camp.

Kennedy’s widow, Vicki, penned an emotional plea to donors yesterday, a pitch that took in about $400,000, a source said. “This Tuesday, January 19, everything is on the line,” Kennedy wrote.

Kennedy added, “My husband fought all his life to keep moving this nation forward” and “I am asking you personally to do one more thing for Martha Coakley.”

A palpable fear gripped the Coakley campaign as internal Democratic polling showed Brown’s numbers rising, a source told the Herald.

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