Morning Massachusetts Senate Race Briefing – Saturday January 9th Edition

The internet is all abuzz with the story of Paul Kirk promising to extend his stay in office if Scott Brown wins the election.  The article on Red Mass Group where Scott Brown’s response was broken is already the most read article on this site. It was responsible for yesterday being our most viewed day ever where we had triple the traffic of the previously most visited day.  This morning by 8:30 we already are having our third most visited day ever.  This story is going to blow up over the next few days and may be the final nail in Coakley’s coffin.  Remember you saw it here first on Red Mass Group.

The Boston Herald has picked up on the story. Their’s is a good read.

The Campaign Spot at the National Review Online is saying that the two newspaper polls coming out this week will show a vastly different result.

A reader in Massachusetts that I trust sends along word that each of the Boston papers will have a poll of the Senate race out this weekend. The Globe’s poll, he hears, will have Coakley up by 15 percentage points. The Herald poll, he hears, will have it much closer-Coakley ahead by 7 percentage points among all voters, Coakley ahead by only 1 percentage point among likely voters.

That’s a pretty dramatic spread. No word on whether the Globe poll was among all voters or likely voters.

There was a debate last night that you can watch at the  Both the Boston Herald and the Boston Globe have called the debate feisty and sharp.  The two leading candidates took off the gloves.  Martha went on the attack which is further evidence that this race is close.

The fundraising numbers are in and have been reported by the Associated Press has the story.

lthough she’s raised more than $5.2 million overall, Coakley had just $937,383 in cash going into the final stretch compared to Brown’s $367,150.

Brown is hoping to add to that total with national GOP fundraising appeals, while Coakley’s campaign said she raised $100,000 in 24 hours after being endorsed by the late senator’s widow, Vicki Kennedy.

Both campaign are spending too.

Brown spent $450,000 on television ads compared to $1.4 million by Coakley, who was locked in a four-way Democratic primary.

The important thing to note is that Brown already spent for general election advertising prior to the December 31st deadline for this report. Martha Coakley had not.

The outside conservative groups are continuing to come in to the race on the side of Scott Brown.  According to CQ Politics one if not two more national PACs will be spending in this race.

On the heels of the American Future Fund’s Massachusetts Senate ad buy, another conservative advocacy group disclosed that it, too, will be purchasing airtime supporting state Sen. Scott Brown in the run up to the Jan. 19 special election.

The political action committee Our Country Deserves Better plans to begin airing an ad around the state “four or five days before election day” the PAC’s Communications Director Levi Russell told CQ-Roll Call.

Expect the SEIU and EMILY’s list to resume their ad buys for Martha.

Updates throughout the day.  Red Mass Group will be touring the state taking video today.

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