Morning Massachusetts Senate Race Briefing – “Progressive Metldown Edition”

Hyperbole alert, hyperbole alert.  Coakley supporter tells Brown supporter that he “hates his children”.  Wow.

The Boston Newspapers are filled with stories about the race. The interesting thing is that the Boston Globe did not run a hit piece on Scott Brown all weekend, including today.  That means the Coakley campaign doesn’t have anything except Scott Brown hates rape victims even though he suppored the bill and also supported a conscience clause like Ted Kennedy.  Not exactly hard hitting.

In the Boston Herald the people’s columnist Joe Fitzgerald sums up the true character of Martha Coakley.

If the old saw is true, that a clear conscience is the softest pillow, Scott Brown ought to sleep well tonight, content he took the high road in his bid to succeed Ted Kennedy.

He proved you don’t have to go to every fight you’re invited to, no matter how much you’re provoked by a desperate opponent willing to win by any means necessary.

If Martha Coakley was accurately portrayed by her campaign, shame on her; if the portrayal that emerged was the handiwork of her handlers, shame on them.

If you live in Massachusetts. GET OUT and VOTE!!!

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