MIHOS tells Howie Carr he’s sorry he ran as an INDEPENDENT in 06.

ARTICLE PREVIEW – In a wide ranging interview on the local hour of the HOWIE CARR SHOW tonight, former Independent candidate for Guv Christy Mihos said he regrets having bolted the GOP in ’06 and had harsh words for Charlie Baker because Baker has supported DEMOCRATS – though MIHOS’ first campaign advisor and manager was the same man who worked for Deval Patrick.

“Remember when you were staying down at my place?” – CHRISTY MIHOS January 21, 2010, 6:40PM on LIVE BOSTON RADIO WRKO

The above statement was definitely a revelation on tonight’s Howie Carr show and perhaps the line of the night.  In an awkward moment, Mihos, for some reason, reminded Howie that he, Carr, had been a house guest at Mihos’ $6.2 million Cape Cod compound.  Relevance of this is unknown, but Carr seemed not too pleased at the disclosure; and it’s hard to determine why it was interjected by the low funded candidate for guv

But the bigger news is this – Mihos said that he “wishes he had not run” as an INDEPENDENT in 2006.  This is the first time MIHOS has said he regrets running as an independent and thus bolting the GOP.  For the past two years he has steadfastly maintained that he was very proud to have challenged our nominee, in what was a bruising campaign.

The show also took a rather ugly and extremely personal tone when a self declared MIHOS supporter called in attacking the lifestyle of Senator Richard Tisei.  Christy said he didn’t know that Richard was Gay – and his tone seemed to indicate that MIHOS believes this should be a campaign issue.  Why Christy would try to make Tisei an issue is odd.  Mihos himself has said he supports Gay Marriage.  

Howie jumped in at that point, and seemed to defend Richard, appropriately so.  Howie once attended an event for Tisei many years ago, as he articulated on the air.

On the fundraising front, no follow up question on when Mihos will make a big deposit – in keeping with quotes from Dick Morris that Mihos will spend $15 million – and therefore people really don’t need to donate money.

The tone of the interview was basically this – Mihos contends that the Brown supporters are his supporters.

Time will determine if this is the case, though it’s hard to imagine how $2,000 competes with $1.5 million dollars and an unblemished record – Charlie’s – as Bill Weld’s cabinet secretary and budget chief.

Carr did ask Mihos – he kept pronouncing it MEHOWS even though it’s pronounced MYHOUSE – why he had only 2k in the bank (Howie used the word pittance), compared to Baker’s $1.5 plus Million.  Mihos said he didn’t want to take money away from Brown and therefore he put his fundraising in park for November and December.  However, prior to that, Mihos was raising no outside funds of great significance despite many fundrasiers hosted by DICK MORRIS and Dr. Michael Foley.  Foley is an old friend of Mihos for whom MIHOS endowed a chair at UMASS.

Mihos told Carr that he’s staffing up, and that “it’s not the money it’s the message.”

Mihos criticized Baker for giving money to former House Speaker Tom Finneran, without mentioning that he, Mihos, has given money to life time Democrat Bill Galvin, Secretary of State.

Mihos most recent expenditure of note is $20,000 to former Clinton advisor Dick Morris, who, like Mihos, has had bitter battles with the Internal Revenue Service.  The IRS filed a $1.5 million tax lien against Bill Clinton’s former adviser in 2003. And Connecticut has previously said that Dick Morris owed $452,367 in back taxes and penalties.  Morris was the key to Clinton’s past political victories……..see links……



Mihos criticized Baker for working on the Deval Patrick transition team years ago.  However, Mihos’ first campaign manager was Lou DiNatale, one of the most partisan Democratic operatives in Massachusetts history.  We have that information from calling Christy’s office today, where a woman said that Lou worked there througout the summer, but then left the campaign, under unhappy circumstances.

We also have the information from Joe Manzoli, who while field director said he answered to Lou Dinatale but that it was not to be made public.

We also have the information from newspaper reports.  Here’s what the BOSTON GLOBE said of Lou Dinatale working for Christy in the last campaign for guv…..

“His extracurricular activities are wide-ranging, extending to an unusual relationship with Christy P. Mihos, now an independent candidate for governor.”

In this attached article, you will see quotes from Democrat Consultant Dinatale about his historic relationship advising MIHOS.

Dinatle has worked for Democrats such as Mike Dukakis, Gerry D’Amico.  The Globe article also reported this a few years ago—

“Moreover, DiNatale asserted that he has provided at least as much unpaid advice to the Democratic gubernatorial candidates, Attorney General Thomas F. Reilly and Deval L. Patrick, as he has given to Mihos.”

LINK – http://www.boston.com/news/loc…

Mihos has also paid significant sums of cash to Democrat PR guru GEORGE REGAN.

Therefore, Mihos’ criticism tonight of Baker is once again the whimpers coming from a man who sleeps in a glass house.  Baker’s campaign manager is a life long REPUBLICAN and all his staff are and have been REPUBLICANS.

Baker has not hired an advisor who also advised PATRICK.  It’s herein DOCUMENTED that CHRISTY HAS.

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