MIHOS should finally pick a running mate – JOE MANZOLI

Christy Mihos would be well advised to pick his campaign manager Joe Manzoli as his running mate.

As all the other candidates now have announced number twos, Mihos should show that he has some energy going.

Manzoli is one of the few staffers left on the campaign, working as campaign manager – though a look at the state finance report – OCPF – shows no recent payments to Manzoli, so perhaps he’s working pro bono.

In any event, Manzoli comes from Worcester, which would give Mihos that base of support – Mihos lives on Cape Cod.

Further, the former Independent candidate for governor may invigorate the base as Manzoli has a following of his own, having once run for party chairman and having also once run a senate campaign.

MIHOS-MANZOLI – it has a nice ring to it.

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