Mihos scheduled for COURT HEARING at 2:00

Former indepedent candidate for governor Christy Mihos will appear (or his lawyers will) before a superior court judge in Brockton at 2:00, according to the clerk’s office.  As of 11:30am, no agreement between the two sides has been reported to the clerk.

J.P. Noonan has filed for a motion to lien Mihos’ home (worth more than five million dollars) and some bank accounts for a bill they say they are due, that began in JUNE of 2009.  Noonan contends in court papers – which if submitted falsly is condidered a serious crime – that Mihos owes more than $600,000 for fuel product delivered to businesses owned by Mihos, who has previously had his home liened by the IRS.

Mihos contends, in a recent interview with Howie Carr, that the charges are false and are part of a big operation to “get money out of” him because he’s running for governor and because he took on the Turnpike Authority.  Mihos says he’s done nothing wrong and that his bills are paid.

Mihos is running against Charlie Baker for the GOP nomination.  Caucuses are taking place now.

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