“Mihos owes more than $600,000 in bills”, Cape Cod Times headline

Cape Cod Times weighs in on growing Mihos problems.  Judge to decide case tomorrow in Plymouth Superior.

Campaign manager Joe Manzoli is quoted in Globe as saying campaign not listing debts to past vendors to the campaign was an “oversight”.  That’s what Joe Manzoli said in interview.

Manzoli is from Shrewsbury and is a former candidate for party chairman.  There are no recent payments to any Manzoli on Christy’s OCPF.  We presume he’s working pro bono, which is very nice of him.

One of the campaign vendors seeking payment – more than $30,000 – is Dick Morris’ business associate Rick Wilson, who is a conservative Republican who first ran Kathryn Harris’ campaign for secretary of state in Florida.  Wilson is considered a major player in GOP politics and has huge credibility.  He would no more hurt a GOP candidate and lie about them, than he would jump off a bridge.  His claim has real credibility to it, and it’s been reported by ABC NEWS.

Mihos says people are trying “to get money from him” and told Howie Carr yesterday that he won’t be “extorted.”

Howie Carr asked Christy if he’s having personal financial problems.  He said no, and said that he is thankful for his wife who purchased a lot of stocks, including stock with Apple Computer.

Mihos’ home has been liened by the IRS and he had to pay them a penalty of about $22,000.

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Mihos also found himself in trouble with the Mass. Dept. of Rev. for not paying taxes on his boat.  

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But he maintains that people are just tying to get money from him and that he’s done nothing wrong.

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Mihos’ present campaign balance is a few thousand dollars and there are no reports of major retainers being paid, with the exception of Dick Morris for $20,000 in January.

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