BTW, what was with the MELT DOWN MOMENT.  I’ve never heard anything so undignified in my life.  During the Charlie Baker interview on RKO last night Christy Mihos called in as one of the callers, ranting and raving that Charlie used his job in state government to jump to Harvard health care and get them a bailout.  It was a nuclear moment.  Christy was just completely out of control, and didn’t know what he was talking about as Howie tried to calm him down.

He came across like he just wasn’t with it.

Baker could not have been more gubernatorial.

Both Baker AND HOWIE insisted that Harvard never got a dime in public money.

Mihos was then asked to justify his statements.

Get this – he said he knew what he was saying because of “opposition research.”  Maybe Joe got a Couple of Guys together to do the research.

Truth be told, HARVARD has never gotten state monies.

Christy, the former Independent candidate for governor who has had major problems with the Internal Revenue Service, seems to be running his own campaign from his Yarmouth mansion, or his Florida vacation spot.

It’s getting really sad and he came across last night like a very angry old man who is just completely out of touch with reality.

It’s very sad.

It reminds me of 2006 when Christy’s brother and sister refused to support him and instead maxed out in contributions to Kerry Healey.

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