MIHOS is finally seeing there is a senate race.

Former Independent candidate for governor Christy Mihos, now running as a Republican, has announced in an email to his rag-tag group of supporters that he’s bringing back his long dormant web cast to encourage support for Scott Brown.  Sure, there are TV ads on every second and the christy web page broadcast is what will make the difference.  Yeah, sure thing.

This is a great development, and very magnanimous of Mihos, especially as he himself must be regretting his surprising reversal in the Fall to drop out of the US SENATE race after having been in it for a very brief period of time.

Mihos told the Globe he “was just about there” in his decision to run for senate – but then, in a very eccentric move, he dropped back down to the governor’s race, where he ran before as an independent spending six million dollars attacking our GOP nominee, Kerry Healey.

LINK – http://www.boston.com/news/loc…

Mihos has been VERY silent in the race for US Senate, and we are hearing from him quite literally at the last minute, just as polls say Scott will win – AND HE WILL !!!!  Christy was reluctant to support Scott previously, because Scott has wisely been a strong supporter of Charlie Baker, who is a Republican running for governor.

Mihos has not been in the news very much lately, except for a news story concerning another fall he took, this time outside his Cape Cod office.  He fell once before – and this time he said the culprit was ice and that he drove himself to the hospital but doesn’t remember the drive at all.LINK – http://news.bostonherald.com/n…

There are growing rumors that MIHOS will soon bolt the GOP Primary and run as an independent.  MIHOS’ new PR Firm the STONEY BROOK GROUP could not be reached for comment, but an RNC official in town working for Brown reports that MIHOS said he will perhaps run as an INDEPENDENT AGAIN as his primary bid in the GOP has no traction, understandably so.

Intel from an insider at his Cape Cod office is that MIHOS know he will not cut the mustard in the upcoming caucuses, and so to continue his quest, he will soon run as an Independent, so his campaign can see the November ballot.  The RNC official says that MIHOS is once again conjuring up a conspiracy against him – but observers now that his campaign is a two, little men organization – Mihos and his special friend Joe Manzoli.

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