Mihos Financial problems make ABC News

This Tweet from Rick Klein at ABC NEWS the NOTE regarding MIHOS fiscal woes, as reported in the GLOBE on Monday and Today – company in court this friday asking judge to compel Mihos to pay them the more than $600,000 Mihos has owed since June of 2009 for gas deliveries to his store (S).

This follows Monday story that former campaign staffers have filed complaint with state regarding more than 40k said to be owed.

Court hearing on FRIDAY will be covered by the media.  Attorney for gas delivery service says they will not take settlement for less than they are owed and want to lien Mihos estate at West Yarmouth.

Meanwhile, GOP caucuses are going on.  What impact will this have on the MIHOS bid for governor………time will tell.

Here’s the ABC News note…….

not just campaign vendors waiting for payment from Christy Mihos. thought the guy was rich? #magov http://bit.ly/7oCSWt

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