Mihos campaign manager writes that Communications Director is on board till Primary this September

In an eblast that my friend just forwarded to me, Mihos Campaign Manager Joe Manzoli writes that their former press flack will be leaving the campaign effective September of this year.  His letter, written to correct what the campaign says was a bad and incorrect story in the Boston Globe, says that Mihos presented a resignation letter from their campaign spokesman that’s dated September 2010.

This written statement seems to conflict with other statements from the Mihos camp.  They have previously said that the communications director resigned last year; but this new letter, signed by Joe with his telephone numbers and some positive thinking slogan at the end, says the PR guy is apparently still there, because his resignation is as of this September.

Tyring to follow all the different stories from Camp Christy is not getting any easier.

Here’s Joe’s exact words –

“I presented the resignation letter of Mr. Sowyrda dated 9-30-2010”

Sowrydo, web page designer Geoff Fudge and Dick Morris’ deputy Rick Wilson have all confirmed that they have filed a complaint with the office of campaign and political finance seeking past due funds.  Wilson, a long time GOP operative, says Christy owes him more than $30,000 – but that’s nothing compared to the $600,000 Mihos now owes – according to a judicial ruling – to Noonan fuel delivery.

Mihos says he’s thrilled with the court’s decision and gave no indication that he’s dropping out of the race.  Joe’s email basically says that all of this is because Christy took on the Big Dig, etc, etc, etc.


No word on the PR guy’s end, who, according to Joe’s eblast, is leaving the campaign this coming September.  Does that mean the PR guy thinks that Christy won’t win the Primary.

I agree, it’s all getting very confusing but the confusion is coming from the so many different stories from the liened campaign headquarters of Christy Mihos.

Stay tuned.

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