Lowell Sun Doubles Down for Scott Brown

Today the Lowell Sun wrote another editorial in favor of the next Senator from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Scott Brown!

On Tuesday, Jan 12 the Lowell Sun endorsed Scott Brown for US Senate.  The initial editorial was very pro-Brown.  Today’s editorial took specific aim at Marcia Martha Coakley and the Democratic establishmnet party in Washington.

The architects of this despicable act, done behind closed doors without a single Republican present, were the so-called people’s representatives — Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate President Harry Reid — and leaders from the nation’s biggest unions.

It seems that when any Democrat, pharmaceutical-industry lobbyist, or workers’ union resists Obamacare, the administration’s response is to give them a reward — at taxpayers’ expense.


Martha Coakley is no different. She’s another liberal Democrat waiting to get to Washington to play ball with the Obamacrats. The vaunted 60th vote.

Don’t let it happen, Massachusetts. Stop the insanity now. Tomorrow, vote for Scott Brown in the race for U.S. Senate and let him crush these back-room deals before they crush us.

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